We, the people of Our Lady of the Visitation parish, believe in Jesus Christ and embrace His teachings.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we embrace His call to be the Light of the World through Word, Worship, Community Building and Service to all.


The people of Our Lady of the Visitation Church, inspired by Jesus' and Mary's example of openness to the will of God the Father and the Holy Spirit, desire to be faithful stewards of God's gifts to us; and, believe our mission is: To understand the word of God through study, To become examples of Christ's love in the world by caring for one another through communal sharing and service, and to celebrate our joy of understanding and caring through sacraments and prayer.

Rev. Eugene Field, Pastor
Rev. Emmanuel Agu
Rev. Doroteo B. Layosa, II
Rev. Msgr. Paul Schetelick
Rev. John J. Ranieri 


Deacons: Peter Emr, Todd Rushing
Principal: Karen Mirro-Drew
Faith Formation: Patricia Pattermann
Youth Minister: Robert Leichte
Parish Secretary: Jeanette Price



Rectory Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Rectory Telephone Numbers:

Office: 201- 261-6080
Fax: 201-261-2995

Parish Email address:  

Everyone is welcome! Please take the
time to register your family at the
rectory office.



We need your continued

support to keep our parish strong during these difficult times.


Please take a moment and give on-line and pray for us.




  • Weekday masses 7am & 8:45 am in the church.   

  • Sunday masses, 5:00 pm, 8:30am, 10:30am and 12:00pm.

Social distancing is required at all masses. Families may sit together.   All attendees are required to wear a mask during mass.  You are asked to wash your hands before coming to mass and use your own sanitizer before mass.


Sign of Peace: There will be no touching at the sign of peace.  A simple nod or wave is allowed.


Communion:   All communion will be in the hand.  When you come up to receive communion you may lift the mask to receive communion only. There will be no distribution of  the Precious Blood.  Priests, Deacon and Eucharistic Ministers will sanitize their hands just before and after distributing Communion.  


Procession:  There will be no processions at mass for the time being.  


Sunday Collection: The Sunday collection will take place with baskets placed inside the door. Please drop off your collection as you enter or as you leave. 


Please keep social distance while leaving the parking lot. There will be no social gathering as you enter or leave Mass.




Sacrament of Reconciliation:  At this time Use of Confessionals are not allowed by the Archdiocese.  If you wish confession you can arrange to see one of the priests in the rectory by appointment.  For confession masks must be worn and social spacing will be maintained. 


Let us all pull together to make this slow transition back to normal go smoothly.  All of us must be patient and understanding as we go Through this process.  Let us all give thanks to Almighty God for this beginning of our return to normal.  

Live stream masses

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Youth Group

Youth Group is open to all high school students (grades 9-12) and meets every Wednesday night of each month at 7pm.  Join us! Contact Bob Leichte our  Youth Minister:

Faith Formation

CCD Religious   Education  
Office hours are: 

Monday through Thursday  
9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

(5:00-8:00 PM to drop off or to pick up

forms at the Rectory only)

Friday, Saturday and Sundays: closed


Please access the Faith Formation tab for more information

Phone: 201-265-3812  
Fax: 201-261-2995



Visitation Academy

Discover our
Catholic School

Visitation Academy is a 

Blue Ribbon School

immersed in Catholic Values,  educating children in grades PreK3 through 8.

Click here
for additional information or call(201) 262-6067 to make an appointment. 


"When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the Baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit."  Luke 1:41